Morrison, Brian

Brian Morrison

Energy Specialist

Portland, OR

As an energy specialist, Brian evaluates multifamily properties to make recommendations for energy efficient lighting upgrades. He recruits, trains and partners with trade ally contractors to support customer projects. By delivering presentations to property management groups and contractors, he helps educate the industry about energy efficiency technology and programs.

Brian worked at PECI (now CLEAResult) as the lighting lead for the EnergySmart Grocer program before joining Evergreen Consulting Group in 2015. Focusing his career on energy efficient lighting, he has successfully managed projects and engaged a diverse regional and national client and customer base. Brian also has experience in lighting design, auditing and project management. Before receiving his bachelor’s degree in business management and leadership, and a minor in sustainable urban planning from Portland State University in 2010, he worked with customers in the food service industry. Brian began serving on the Illuminating Engineering Society Board of Managers in 2016.

An outdoor enthusiast who lives in Portland, Oregon, Brian hikes, cycles, gardens and volunteers for Friends of Trees. When he and his wife are not playing with their two boys, Brian also enjoys photography and woodworking. He is committed to ongoing education in the areas of sociology, lighting and energy efficiency.

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