Rideout, Whitney

Whitney Rideout


Portland OR

Whitney works with clients and team members to oversee energy efficiency program needs and resources and to develop new initiatives or program proposals that meet client objectives. She helps advise and implement strategic analysis regarding future service offerings, and serves as marketing manager and marketing liaison.

She brings more than 20 years of program and product management experience to Evergreen Consulting Group. Prior to joining the company, Whitney worked as an Intel senior program manager for 12 years, and as the sustainability initiative manager for the Oregon Association of Nurseries. Active in the energy industry, she served on the Governor’s 10 Year Energy Action Plan Task Force, and on the committees for Energize Oregon, the Harvesting Clean Energy Conference, and the NEBC Business and the Environment Conference. She has a MBA from the University of Washington and lives in Lake Oswego.

When not working to implement energy efficiency measures, Whitney is busy digging in the dirt. She is an active member of the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon, a certified Master Gardener, and the team member most likely to “stop and smell the roses” when out on a hike.

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