In case you missed it, we’ve compiled the top heat pump fun facts in one place.  

Although heat pump technology stems from the mid-1800s, constant improvements have made them state-of-the-art equipment. Evergreen has a process to stay at the forefront of these innovations.  

There’s something literally cool about heat pumps. Although “heat” is in the name, this pump also provides indoor cooling. When cooling is needed, a heat pump moves heat from inside the building and releases it outside. 

One recent advance is that heat pumps work better than ever in very cold temperatures. This equipment absorbs heat from the outside and releases that heat inside a building.  

“Heat pump” is an umbrella term. There are actually many different heat pump technologies and applications, such as ductless, ducted, air-source, water-source, ground-source and dual fuel.  

And new manufacturing practices are making heat pump operations even better for the environment. Heat pumps improve air quality because they don’t generate on-site emissions, and they run on electricity, which can be supplied by renewable resources.  

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