2016: Blazer Boys & Girls Club, Good Neighbor Center Lighting Upgrades

The Blazer Boys & Girls Club, a nonprofit providing enrichment programs for youth ages 6 to 18, and Good Neighbor Center, a nonprofit serving homeless families, are recent beneficiaries of Evergreen’s Giving Back program. New modern and energy efficient lighting will help both organizations better manage energy use and reduce operating costs.

The Blazer Boys & Girls Club of Portland consumed a great deal of energy due to an inefficient and outdated lighting system in the lobby, gymnasium and exterior spaces. The team upgraded 80 fixtures with LED lighting technology in both interior and exterior areas including offices, classrooms and cafeteria, gym, kitchen, and the main lobby. Occupancy controls were added for even more energy savings. Exterior fixtures were upgraded to improve safety after dark, and lamps in exterior signage were repaired and replaced to provide a more welcoming entry for children and families using the club.

Outdoor lighting at the Good Neighbor Center’s Tigard-area building was non-functional, prompting safety concerns for people entering and exiting the building after dark. The shelter’s dining room didn’t provide adequate lighting for meals, homework time and meetings. Evergreen upgraded 13 fixtures, including exterior lights to address safety and security in the evening, and new LED fixtures to improve interior appearance and light quality.