About Matt Gibbs

Matt leads Evergreen Consulting Group’s management team in charting continuous improvement and long-term growth strategies. Drawing on his technical and management background, combined with a national energy efficiency perspective, he helps clients achieve their goals in light of the changing energy policy landscapes on a local level.

You’ve Collected the Business Cards. Now What?

A few years ago, I found myself looking at a stack of business cards collected from a recent conference. I had met so many great people but could never seem to find the time to deepen a relationship beyond colleagues I saw every day. As the leader of the company, relationship building is a large Read More >

You’ve Collected the Business Cards. Now What?2020-05-15T11:02:27-07:00

How well do you really understand your customers?

All businesses strive to satisfy their customers. But how does a business generate great satisfaction when customers expect to receive quality service or product, and notice only when it is not provided? Let’s take two industries recently discussed in J.D. Power reports: Airlines and Utilities. Dare to guess which one has a consistently higher customer Read More >

How well do you really understand your customers?2017-03-30T20:52:36-07:00

How new friendships can transform an industry

A few months ago, I was introduced to a new friend by a mutual acquaintance. We discussed our shared interests, realized that we have many connections in common, had attended the same functions, but had never met. Although we work in different professions, we shared a deep interest in sustainability and environmental stewardship. We agreed Read More >

How new friendships can transform an industry2017-03-30T20:52:36-07:00
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