As a B Corp, Evergreen prioritizes resource conservation, energy efficiency education, and environmental considerations. These three priorities are woven into everything we do. This month is B Corp Month and we’re excited to participate in the global campaign, #BehindtheB. The goal of the campaign is for B Corps to give an inside look at what their business is doing to positively impact their customers, workers, and communities they serve.

We’re proud to showcase some of the areas where Evergreen scored highest on the B Corp assessment. The assessment is a rigorous one that helps businesses measure and manage social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Below are some examples of the actions we’re taking to elevate our impact and rise to the B Corp standards.


  • Resource Conservation – Much of the work we do allows us to measure and manage the results, outcomes, and effects of resource conservation. Through our trade ally connections, in-person and virtual trainings, and work supporting utility programs, we’ve helped save over 2 billion kWh. Positive environmental outcomes are at the heart of what this company does.
  • Energy Efficiency Education – Our in-person and online services offer training and education on energy-efficient technologies, practices, and programs.
  • Virtual Office Stewardship – Evergreen shares resources and encourages team members to be conscious of setting up energy-efficient home offices, reduction of waste streams, and remote worker mental and physical well-being.

Supply Chain Management

  • Supplier Code of Conduct – We have a Supplier Code of Conduct in place that is shared with our clients and partners to ensure we’re working with other businesses that share our values.
  • Local Suppliers – Evergreen has a commitment to using local suppliers whenever possible.
  • Sharing Our Policies – We share our policies and rules with suppliers to ensure alignment on purpose.

Civic Engagement

  • Giving Back Projects – Each year Evergreen identifies one or more non-profits located in the communities we serve needing energy efficiency upgrades. Evergreen then leverages relationships with trade allies and donates resources and funds to ensure the projects are completed. Since 2011, our community investment has helped our selected nonprofits save nearly 3 million kWh of energy and $250,000 in utility energy costs.
  • Volunteer Opportunities – As part of 2021 Team Days, our annual company-wide team-building event, Evergreeners were encouraged and given time to participate in local volunteer activities. At previous Team Days, in Portland, a volunteer activity has always been incorporated into the event
  • Charitable Giving/Community Investment – We work with our team members and clients to select charities to receive our company’s donations. For example, as part of 2021’s Efficiency Exchange Conference, we screened and selected four charities that attendees could choose to support as part of their participation in the event. Over the holidays many Evergreen team members also made donations to Feeding America, which Evergreen matched, as a way to support communities in need.

For us, maintaining Evergreen’s B Corp status means continual growth and positive impact as a business. As we go through the recertification process every two years, we seek to stretch our boundaries, improve our score, and ultimately, work toward a more sustainable future.