8 Common Heat Pump Misconceptions

Heat pumps are all the rage in today’s energy efficiency space. With a solid presence in the market and continual growth of adoption in both commercial and residential settings, customers are looking for the facts. With the acceptance of any new technology come questions that stem from common misconceptions. That’s where we come in. Today Read More >

8 Common Heat Pump Misconceptions2022-11-15T09:01:02-08:00

5 Reasons to Choose a Heat Pump Water Heater

Heat Pump Water Heaters (HPWH) aren’t just great for energy savings, they’re also fantastic for your wallet!    Here are our top five reasons to choose a HPWH:   Water heaters can account for up to a third of a home’s utility bill, you'll be happy to know that HPWHs can reduce energy consumption and Read More >

5 Reasons to Choose a Heat Pump Water Heater2022-10-25T11:51:12-07:00

CEA Technologies and Markets are Booming and Blooming

Controlled environment agriculture, or CEA, is quickly becoming a way to address food insecurity and pollution while offering something to do with large, abandoned buildings. Whether it is called indoor agriculture or CEA, its technologies and markets are the way of the future.  Emerging Markets  Vertically-grown lettuce  Instead of needing acres of land to yield Read More >

CEA Technologies and Markets are Booming and Blooming2022-10-18T08:25:24-07:00

Utility Outreach Brings Enhancements to the Community

Utilities today are increasing their efforts to connect with the communities they serve. When most people think about their relationship with their utility company, it's about them providing power and sending a bill. In reality, utilities offer much more support for customers. As part of the work we do with utilities, Evergreen's Community Outreach Team Read More >

Utility Outreach Brings Enhancements to the Community2022-09-20T10:06:20-07:00

Behind the B: Evergreen is Taking Action

As a B Corp, Evergreen prioritizes resource conservation, energy efficiency education, and environmental considerations. These three priorities are woven into everything we do. This month is B Corp Month and we’re excited to participate in the global campaign, #BehindtheB. The goal of the campaign is for B Corps to give an inside look at what Read More >

Behind the B: Evergreen is Taking Action2022-03-15T09:33:01-07:00

Why Should Smaller Utilities Become EV Experts?

As the electric vehicle (EV) market expands and more customers look to electrify their fleets, new roles are emerging for utilities—from installing and managing charging stations to helping customers plan for and purchase vehicles. Several larger, investor-owned utilities, acting on this opportunity to reach customers and streamline processes, have announced new subsidiaries to provide fleet Read More >

Why Should Smaller Utilities Become EV Experts?2021-12-08T11:03:33-08:00

Growing with the Growers

From increased demand for fresh food to more states legalizing cannabis, there are many reasons that the number of indoor grow operations continues to rise across the nation. That means energy use is going up too. To meet demand for local produce in urban areas, farmers are setting up controlled environment agriculture (CEA) production facilities Read More >

Growing with the Growers2021-08-31T08:48:24-07:00

What’s Great About Being a B Corp

Since March is B Corp Month, we’re taking this opportunity to talk about our first full year as a Certified B Corporation and what it means to be a company using business as a force for good. For more than 20 years, Evergreen’s approach has built a culture that supports our people as we serve Read More >

What’s Great About Being a B Corp2021-03-31T11:32:11-07:00

Trade Ally Networks Can Achieve Utility Goals

For more than two decades, Evergreen has accelerated the development and management of trade ally networks across the U.S. to support energy efficiency programs for utilities and energy organizations. Evergreen’s Eric Wilson recently co-authored a paper that details the role one trade ally network has had in achieving objectives for Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). The Read More >

Trade Ally Networks Can Achieve Utility Goals2020-12-18T11:05:02-08:00

The New Training Toolbox

“For the best return on your money, pour your purse into your head.” These are wise words from Benjamin Franklin who, as an inventor, statesman, and scientist, knew a thing or two about the value of education. Franklin’s view of the power of learning still resonates today. Our work with trade allies across the country Read More >

The New Training Toolbox2020-10-14T11:03:32-07:00
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