Evergreen Consulting Group has been hired by DTE Energy to launch and manage two pilot programs and a controlled environmental agriculture (CEA) program that will help increase energy cost savings for indoor and hybrid agriculture sites and small business utility customers by reducing energy usage.

DTE Energy is a Detroit, Michigan-based diversified energy company delivering both electric and natural gas utility services to 3.5 million Michigan customers.

“We’re excited to support DTE Energy in serving CEA facilities and small businesses,” said Matt Gibbs, president, Evergreen Consulting Group. “Together, we can expand outreach to DTE’s commercial customers and help them harness the power of energy efficiency to improve facility performance and lower their overhead costs.”

The Grow Energy Efficiently Program focuses on energy efficiency solutions for CEA operations, including growers of cannabis, food, hemp and decorative plants. Evergreen is a leader in energy efficiency programs for CEA and has developed deep connections with manufacturers of technologies used in indoor agriculture facilities. The program promotes utility incentive programs and energy efficiency solutions for improvements such as LED lighting and controls, HVAC systems and dehumidifiers.

The Community Grow Pilot Program was created to meet the expanding concern about food quality, human health and demand for healthier, locally sourced food. The pilot will address how to increase cost savings and efficiencies in the greenhouse market in Michigan while elevating awareness and education. The benefits will be to increase local food sources and create positive economic impacts across Michigan and beyond.

The Main Street Energy Savings Pilot Program provides outreach and solutions to thousands of Michigan’s small businesses and property owners. Evergreen has more than 20 years of experience in helping property and small business owners understand how energy-efficient investments can lower costs and improve building performance. The pilot promotes more than 200 hundred utility incentive measures and energy efficiency solutions for improvements ranging from lighting to energy management systems to water and refrigeration efficiency systems.

To implement the pilots, Evergreen is partnering with Energy Sciences, a small Michigan-based woman-owned business providing energy consulting services and solutions to commercial, industrial and municipal clients. Both programs will deliver technical and participation support, as well as help contractors and customers calculate energy use and costs, develop estimates and identify incentives for eligible measures.