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Evergreen has proudly served utilities and energy-efficiency organizations by designing and implementing programs since 1997. Our expert team of 80+ professionals offers deep skillsets in program management, training and marketing that draw on wide-ranging commercial, industrial and residential sector experience. Blending our history, market knowledge, technical expertise and nationwide network of industry relationships, Evergreen is primed to serve you and meet your needs. With an eye on sustaining our planet, businesses and communities, we have teamed with our clients to save more than 2 billion kilowatt hours of energy over the last decade.

“Central Electric follows a set of principles. Obviously, we’re in business to provide power, but we’re also here to serve our members with services like timely training and information to help them use energy wisely. With Evergreen, we can do that.” Ryan Davies, Director of Customer and Energy Services, Central Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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Tradeworks™ engages trade allies of all types with time-tested practices based on our 25 years of managing and motivating trade ally networks to improve and diversify the workforce. In the fast-evolving energy market, trade allies are key partners for any size utility or energy organization wanting to improve results from their commercial, industrial and residential energy-efficiency programs. Our team pairs expertise in trade ally network management, training and outreach with a suite of tools to build a network of qualified and engaged trade allies—essential in achieving market adoption, energy savings, and workforce development goals.

Controlled Environment Agriculture

Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is a rapidly expanding industry across the U.S. encompassing all types of indoor crops, including legalized medicinal and recreational cannabis, hemp, food and nursery ornamentals. Evergreen has been on the front line of this growing sector for more than a decade. We use our knowledge of technologies, plant science and grow practices to help utilities and other energy organizations design and market incentive solutions that motivate growers to invest in new energy-efficiency technology.

Evergreen iQ

Evergreen iQ™ is a secure, online educational experience that revolutionizes traditional education, market engagement, and workforce development. Our platform has been implemented and proven by utilities and trade allies across the country. The only product of its kind developed specifically for utility trade allies, Evergreen iQ does more than deliver educational content. It improves users knowledge by blending educational content and compelling marketing to build skills and stay up to date on energy technology and products. The reward-based platform offers built-in engagement strategies to keep trade allies coming back for more.

NXT Level

NXT Level is a pivotal workforce development tool that takes trade ally careers to the next level. Delivered online and on-demand, NXT Level is a web-based training that can be taken any day or time that’s most convenient. In the rapidly evolving lighting industry, a network of trade allies who understand the latest lighting techniques and technologies can be the difference between a successful program and one that struggles to meet its goals. Developed by Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance in collaboration with Evergreen, Lighting Design Lab, and Lighting Research Center (LRC), NXT Level addresses the growing need for skilled trade allies in the energy workforce by empowering workers with the knowledge to better design, sell, and install more advanced commercial and industrial lighting retrofits. Evergreen delivers NXT Level to utilities and energy efficiency organizations looking to enhance their trade allies’ skill sets, expand their reach, and retain critical advocates for achieving energy savings.

Fleet Electrification

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is on the rise for residential, commercial, and fleet customer segments. Utilities have a significant role in growing this market, from integrating EVs with the electric grid and infrastructure to customer education and strategic planning. As utilities across the country prepare themselves to address the growing demand for electric vehicles, customers need information and experts to help them access utility services and implement electrification strategies. Evergreen brings an intimate understanding of customer-driven technology adoption. Our team helps utilities address customer needs across departments, delivering a unified and comprehensive response that supports customers from beginning to end. We have the in-house expertise to help utilities identify the potential market for EV initiatives, plan for increased capacity, and support customers as they look to electrify their own fleets.