Evergreen Consulting Group coordinates free lighting retrofit for Friendly House

Friendly House, a nonprofit neighborhood center and social service agency located at 1737 NW 26th Ave., has been helping Portlanders since 1930. Recently, they enjoyed the community’s generosity as the beneficiaries of an energy efficient lighting upgrade made possible through Evergreen Consulting Group’s annual Giving Back program. Evergreen develops and implements commercial, industrial and residential energy efficiency programs for utilities and energy efficiency organizations across the country.

The new, improved lighting is estimated to save the nonprofit approximately 51,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which equals more than $4,300 in annual energy cost savings. The labor and material costs of the installation contributed by Evergreen and its suppliers are valued at approximately $22,000.

‘We feel strongly that we have an obligation to make a difference in our community,’ said Roger Spring, owner, Evergreen Consulting Group. ‘By giving back to local nonprofits through a donation of new lighting, we address a critical need they have right now plus help them stretch their finances further by reducing their future operating costs. As a local, family-owned company, we want to keep our contributions working here in Oregon by investing a portion of our profits back into making our community as strong as it can be.’

Energy-efficient lighting saves energy and controls utility costs

Friendly House offers children’s programs, community recreation and education, and services for seniors and homeless families. It contributes to a thriving community by connecting people of all ages and backgrounds through educational, recreational, and other life-sustaining services.

‘We faced a number of facility challenges including poorly lit conditions, inefficient lighting, and the need for replacement lamps that were no longer manufactured,’ said Denise Lafond, operations manager, Friendly House, Inc. ‘This lighting upgrade has already made an impact on our space, making it much brighter and more inviting.’

The lighting upgrade will help Friendly House save energy and manage utility costs, improve light quality for staff and volunteers, and reduce maintenance and repair costs related to its lighting.

‘We’re grateful to Evergreen for bringing so many people together to make this project possible,’ she continued. ‘The potential savings gained from using more energy efficient lighting will help us reduce our overhead costs and reinvest those dollars in our mission and programs.’

Comprehensive upgrade features the latest in lighting technology

The lighting upgrade covered the two main buildings that comprise Friendly House, and included office areas, stairwells, fitness rooms, classrooms, the Brentano Building gymnasium and the building exterior. Evergreen’s team replaced 281 outdated light fixtures with newer, energy-efficient lighting technology including LEDs and high performance T8 fluorescent lamps. Occupancy controls were installed to keep lights on or off in spaces as needed.

Evergreen engaged Modern Electric Services Company to install the fixtures, and enlisted the contributions and help of several lighting contractors and distributors including Alderbrook & Associates, Capitol Electric, Concordia Lighting, E C Company, Extra Effort Consulting, Harry L. Stearns, Inc., Pacific Energy Concepts, Platt Electric Supply, and Portland Lighting.

Each year, Evergreen rallies employees, clients, and trade allies to donate a lighting retrofit project for a local charitable organization. Past Giving Back projects have been contributed to Medical Teams International and Union Gospel Mission.

Evergreen Consulting Group, LLC is a full-service consulting firm based in Tigard, Ore., that manages energy efficiency programs, with a specialty in commercial and industrial lighting, for utilities and energy efficiency organizations. In 2014, Evergreen’s work saved 263 million kWh for 25 clients in 9 states.