Carlos Moreno

Community Outreach Coordinator

West Jordan, Utah

As Community Outreach Coordinator, Carlos supports small businesses by promoting utility energy efficiency programs throughout Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, and Washington. Using more than 20 years of experience in outreach and community engagement, Carlos networks with and educates local business organizations on incentive programs.

Prior to joining Evergreen, Carlos was the Grassroot Engagement Director for the Utah chapter of Stand Together. There he was responsible for building coalitions, educating, and organizing the community to advance solutions for freedom and opportunities to enable people to discover and develop their potential. Carlos founded and chaired the first “Diversity Committee” in Utah. This initiative was so successful that mayors in the Salt Lake area decided to start their own diversity committees.  Carlos helped local leaders organize these groups. These Initiatives build bridges of communication and teamwork between minorities and local leaders.

Carlos also worked in the insurance industry, believing client satisfaction was the key to success.  He graduated with a degree in labor law from the Law School of Venezuela. In addition, he has degrees in Political Science / Government and Homeland Security / Emergency Management from the United States.

In his free time, Carlos loves working out, watching movies and spending time outdoors with his family.