David Padilla

Energy Specialist

Shelton, CT

David supports commercial incentive programs in New England, providing training, education and outreach for utilities, trade allies and utility business customers.

His career began in the US Marine Corps, where he served as a combat engineer for four years, including a one-year deployment to Iraq. Following his discharge, he returned to school and earned a certificate in alternative energy system technology. He worked as an energy outreach specialist for the nonprofit Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Inc, where he promoted energy efficiency cost saving measures for participating commercial businesses. He was also program lead for the USDA’s Rural Communities Energy Assurance Program, which focused on microgrid application in rural areas of the state, analyzing segmented operational zones to find failure risks, disconnection links and potential maintenance requirements. Most recently, he added water efficiency expertise to his skill set as a field technician for Aqua Lawn Irrigation, where he performed variance watering assessments in water restriction areas, and the installation and programing of weather based smart controllers.

A hands-on person, he takes on a wide range of DIY projects from furniture building to home renovation. He and his family love road trips throughout the Northeast, as well as cooking, grilling, gardening and fishing.