Dionne Sims

Business Systems Analyst

Dayton, OR

Dionne coordinates the Salesforce project database and workflow for utility efficiency programs at Evergreen Consulting Group. In this role, Dionne ensures that the team’s workflow design is effective for clients while meeting the needs of program requirements tracking. She originally joined Evergreen in 2009  as a Program Coordinator. Later she managed a project processing team that assessed incentive program qualifications for accuracy, and she also managed a variety of projects simultaneously.

Prior to 2009, Dionne worked in the lighting industry for 14 years. Her experience includes project management, inside sales, and lighting quotations for such companies as North Coast Electric, Cascade Lighting and Harry L Stearns. In 2021, she rejoined Harry L Stearns to help them design and develop a CRM and workflow management system. Dionne returned to Evergreen in 2022, and is expanding her development skills working with Evergreen’s Salesforce team.