Nick Jones, LC

Senior Field Specialist

Kennewick, WA

Nick is a senior field specialist supporting trade allies in central and eastern Washington, and eastern Oregon. He provides audits, technical assistance, and training for energy efficiency incentive programs.

He joined Evergreen after 16 years in the electrical business, with the majority of his time spent in management and outside sales. He developed his expertise and interest in energy conservation and lighting efficiency by working with electrical contractors, building managers, maintenance staff, and other end users to review, design, and complete lighting retrofit projects. Nick’s electrical background includes a two-year stint with an electrical contractor where he wore many hats including estimator, project manager, and purchasing agent. He participated in a variety of lighting retrofits and gained insight into the contractor’s perspective when working on energy efficient lighting projects. In 2015, he qualified for the Lighting Certified Professional designation from the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions, NCQLP.

Nick and his family live in Kennewick, Washington, and enjoy a host of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, hunting, boating and riding all-terrain vehicles.