Nick Phillips

Residential Field Specialist

Portland, OR

Nick Phillips is a residential field specialist supporting regional energy efficiency programs. In his job, he helps utilities and contractors integrate products and design features into customers’ homes to deliver healthy and energy-efficient indoor living environments.

Nick came to Evergreen in 2021 after working more than a decade in energy efficiency. Well-versed in residential energy efficiency, he’s held positions in contracting, manufacturing, efficiency program implementing, and owned an energy auditing business. Nick’s work has focused on home performance testing, home energy scores, energy modeling, and product sales for weather-stripping, windows, heat pumps and solar systems. He has also worked with HVAC and home performance contractors across the U.S. and Canada to promote the importance of indoor air quality. He holds professional certifications from the Building Performance Institute, Performance Tested Comfort Systems, and the US Department of Energy.

Born in Kansas, and a current resident of Portland, Nick’s passion for conservation brought him to energy efficiency and building science. When he is not at work, he spends his time hiking, backpacking, razor clamming, traveling, gardening, and, when possible, watching Kansas Jayhawks basketball.