William Gatchel

Senior Energy Specialist

Northeast OR

As a field specialist,  William is adept and flexible at wearing many hats. He supports both lighting and non-lighting efficiency programs that promote electric and natural gas savings. He provides outreach, education and training to trade allies and end-users participating in both commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs.

Since 1992 William has performed over 350 energy evaluations for commercial and industrial facilities and over 2,000 residential energy audits. Proficient in building and mechanical systems, his background includes experience with lighting, HVAC, building shells, refrigeration, motors, and controls. Prior to joining Evergreen Consulting Group, he spent seven years as the energy efficiency program manager for one of the largest electric co-operatives in Oregon, and several years as an independent energy efficiency contractor. He also worked for KEMA-Xenergy, Inc., where he performed energy audits and site visits for a range of properties, including some as large as 1,000,000 square feet. William has a bachelor’s degree in public administration from the University of Oregon.

He resides in Echo, Oregon, and is a board member for United Way of Umatilla and Morrow Counties.