For more than two decades, Evergreen has accelerated the development and management of trade ally networks across the U.S. to support energy efficiency programs for utilities and energy organizations. Evergreen’s Eric Wilson recently co-authored a paper that details the role one trade ally network has had in achieving objectives for Bonneville Power Administration (BPA). The paper was a part of ACEEE’s 2020 Summer Study.

The paper, Building Success Together: Foundations of a Regional Trade Ally Program, prepared by Wilson, Michelle Lichtenfels of BPA and Nick O’Neil of Energy 350, lays out the foundational strategies for BPA’s Trade Ally Network NW. With a geographically diverse territory that includes both urban and rural areas in eight northwestern states, BPA serves 140 utilities. Adding spice to the sauce is BPA’s goal to dramatically shift its commercial energy efficiency efforts from a focus on lighting to HVAC technologies that can deliver more savings during power-hungry winter months. BPA created Trade Ally Network NW to engage and enhance the capabilities of regional contractors and other trade allies in support of the administration’s new objectives. The paper discusses identified goals, specific strategies employed to achieve them, and results. Evergreen is happy to support our clients in building their trade ally networks and bringing value to their customers.

Find the full paper here.