Since March is B Corp Month, we’re taking this opportunity to talk about our first full year as a Certified B Corporation and what it means to be a company using business as a force for good.

For more than 20 years, Evergreen’s approach has built a culture that supports our people as we serve our customers. Becoming a B Corp in late 2019 solidified that focus and enabled us to join thousands of other companies worldwide who share our deep commitment to act in ways that value communities and the planet alongside profits. We hope you’ll help the movement by purchasing products and services from B Corps when you can.

As Evergreen’s official B Keeper, I get to work with a motivated team of employees to define and drive our goals for the next year and beyond. As a 100% virtual company, we have been buying renewable energy credits and offsets that neutralize the energy we use related to our home offices and travel. We are also moving forward on a range of fresh priorities. One of the advantages of being a B Corp is the opportunity to make connections with other like-minded companies, gleaning best practices from each other. We are integrating what we learn to enhance client services, retain and attract employees, elevate our performance, and benchmark progress on areas needing improvement.

As in any successful business, revenue growth is important to us, but we strive to go beyond that to help build more inclusive and sustainable economies in the communities where we live and work. We believe that’s something to celebrate all year through.