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Precise Training Results in More Projects

Evergreen’s experienced team develops trade ally training seminars and workshops to achieve specific client goals. The sessions present practical information on using program tools, such as incentives and calculators, and technical training about specific energy-efficiency upgrades, products and applications for commercial and industrial lighting.

While topics, format and location vary by client, these elements are consistent in our training:

  • Participants learn how to use all available tools and resources to close the deal on projects that achieve quality results with measurable energy savings goals
  • Topics update participants about current technology and its application in the market
  • Presenters have industry expertise and working knowledge of their topics
  • Sessions are limited to a half-day or less to respect participants’ time
  • Locations are convenient, whether off site, on site or online
  • Larger training events offer networking opportunities and exhibit current technology

Evergreen has also developed a sales training curriculum to help your team complete more energy efficiency projects. The sessions introduce sales people, entry-level through experienced, to tools and techniques that boost productivity and bottom-line results. Read our Sales Training guide for more detail.