2014: Friendly House Community Center Lighting Upgrades

In 2014, Evergreen upgraded two main buildings that comprise Friendly House, a nonprofit neighborhood center and social service agency located in NW Portland. This project included office areas, stairwells, fitness rooms, classrooms, the Brentano Building gymnasium and the building exterior. Evergreen’s team replaced 281 outdated light fixtures with newer, energy efficient lighting technology including LEDs and high performance T8 fluorescent lamps. Occupancy controls were installed to keep lights on or off in spaces as needed. The new, improved lighting is estimated to save the non-profit approximately 50,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which equals more than $4,300 in annual energy cost savings.

Special thanks to these trade allies for their contributions: Modern Electric Services Company, Alderbrook & Associates, Capitol Electric, Concordia Lighting, E C Company, Extra Effort Consulting, Harry L. Stearns, Inc., Pacific Energy Concepts, Platt Electric Supply, and Portland Lighting.