2017: Union Gospel Mission Lighting Upgrade

For its 2017 Giving Back Project, Evergreen selected Union Gospel Mission, a nonprofit serving homeless men and women, and people struggling with addiction issues. The lighting improvements are expected to help the nonprofit better manage energy use, reduce operating costs and improve aesthetics for visitors to their facilities.

The mission’s older lighting fixtures were less efficient than current technology and in poor condition.  Many were broken and produced inadequate lighting in critical function areas. In particular, the mission wanted good visibility in its food preparation and storage spaces as it provides more than 200,000 meals and other services to people in need each year.

A team of volunteers and professionals repaired, replaced and installed new lighting at the mission’s main facility in Portland’s Old Town. In addition to cleaning and repairing fixtures throughout the building, the team installed new, energy efficient LED lighting to increase visibility, enhance safety and improve aesthetics in the food preparation, storage, lobby and dining room areas. These upgrades resulted in an estimated 58 percent energy savings while improving operational efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

Lobby of Union Gospel Mission