Mariah Schrotzberger

Project Manager

Portland, OR

As a project manager, Mariah oversees and provides expertise on various energy efficiency projects and tracking systems. In a previous role at Evergreen Consulting Group, Mariah supported utility pilots, energy efficiency programs, and staff. In addition, she tracked projects, created systems, and managed operational tasks that resulted in efficiencies, clear communication, and enhanced processes.

Before joining Evergreen, Mariah worked with Lockheed Martin in support of Energy Trust of Oregon’s Existing Buildings and Multifamily Buildings programs. Her organizational skills kept each energy efficiency project on track, so participants received their allowable incentives while meeting program requirements. Her background includes more than 10 years of experience in office management. Mariah has a bachelor’s degree in communications studies from Portland State University.

Mariah lives with her family on several acres outside the city, where she rides and works with horses.